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Why do many musicians not get any credit at all for producing backing music, whearas Avicii and David Guetta etc. are primary artists even on their vocal’d tracks?

Firstly, producers and backing musicians do get credit, even if they aren’t the featured artist (check the album credits). Secondly, in your example David Guetta is the featured artist who is known for the production, while the vocalist is just a contributor. It’s also a genre thing, in EDM the focus is on the producer and not the vocalist while it’s the other way around in pop music.


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Hi Everyone!

If youre from toronto you probably heard about the oh so sudden ban on EDM festivals and concerts and the Ex. This all started with a jealous nightclub owner that was loosing profit and blamed it on us teenagers being dangerous with drugs and all. (even though the…

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Plenty of trips to go around ;)

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one of my all time favourite songs

A&B playing ms54 at group therapy was by far one of the highlights of my life

this song definitely brings back memories!

i love this song <3

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omggg i love kaskade!!!

Classic! I love this track!

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